Amanda Seyfried “Boyfriend-Friendly” Look in Marie Claire

This is what I like to call the “Boyfriend-Friendly” look. It’s the kind of look that will make men go crazy. A red-lip is the makeup-equivalent of the sheer-black nylon with a line up the back of the leg.  It evokes a “Pavlovian-Response” from men, they see it and they have to have it. And most men hate alot of makeup, so mixing a bold-red lip with soft-minimal makeup makes them feel like they can “have their cake and eat it too” (no pun intended).  So when you’re thinking about Amping-Up your day look, you may have to go no further than your lipstick tube.  Amanda Seyfried gives the perfect holiday “Beauty-Tutorial” in these fabulous shots by Marcus Ohlsson for the December Issue of Marie Claire US.  Illustrating how amazing a transformation a simple makeup change can make, this season should be a cinch, with ideas that can take you from daytime-cool to evening-chic in a matter of seconds.  With the right choice of color/shade, there is simply no underestimating the “Power of the Pout.”  With a soft face that includes minimal eye-makeup, the introduction of a matte-red lip will elevate you from “Natural Beauty” to “Camera Ready”, and allow you to leave the “faux” creams/powders/spray tans at home.  This is such a chic/sophisticated departure from the fake-tan/fake-extensions/fake-eyelashes look that was sooooo 3 years ago.  Think Paris in the Fall, it’s about understanding the difference between Alluring & Sexy.  The first requires a deeper understanding of the Woman-Within.  Anyone call fall into being Sexy – To be Alluring one must be involved in the Interaction, it takes a Decision to Entice.  Images courtesy of