Elle & Dakota Fanning Make it Ingenue for 2 in W Magazine

Playing Cover-Girls for the December Issue of W Magazine, Elle & Dakota Fanning make it Ingenue for 2, in this layout by Mario Sorrenti.  With an apparent “no-holds-back” clause on the designs, they brought out the big-guns for this shoot with Couture looks from Chanel, Valentino, Dior, and Givenchy.  And with the power of 2 Fashion-Muses, it’s no surprise that these young girls have the “Fashion-World” at their feet.  While my first instinct is to question if these young girls can really appreciate what they are wearing.  Should a one-of-a-kind Chanel Couture Gown really be worn by a 16 yr-old, can they really get the reference points and acknowledge the time/talent that went in to creating these pieces of “Haute Couture?”  But then I get off my “haute-horse” and I realize that these young girls are where they are because they inspire the very people that create such works of art.  It is and has always been, the young ingenue that moves the spirit of the artist. And that gives that doe-eyed “Muse” the right to enjoy the spoils of her position.  So let’s not be a heady-harper, see this as the Circle-of-Creative-Life.  And who’s to say these beautiful young girls don’t have a full/complete understanding of the awesomeness of their situation, and spend every minute thanking the “Fashion-Gods” for their fabulous good fortune.