Oozing the Cool-Sophistication of a 40’s Film-Star Gwen Stefani’s Stylish-InStyle Layout

With a style that just screams “Old-Hollywood”, Gwen Stefani looks like she was plucked right off of the Warner-Brother’s Lot during the Golden-Age of Film.  With a modern-decadence that only she could embody, this “Style-Maven” lights-up-the-page for InStyle’s November Issue.  She just reeks of that 40’s-Era, looking like an updated “Marilyn” doppelganger without a hint of sarcasm.  Oozing that cool-sophistication, reserved for “Dames” like Carol Lombard, or Rita Hayworth (look ’em up if you don’t know these names, it’s worth the time), who’s status as Style-Icons is as relevent and influential as ever.  Gwen Stefani falls into that Icon-Ilk due to her unending ability to influence fashion, and be a progressive voice in the world of Pop-Culture/Fashion.  In a time that authenticitiy is forever getting dilluded by the masses of “Celebrity-Wannabes” and “Reality-Star” pseudo artists, it’s a rare quality that a prolific artist like GS can continue to stay true to her unique-vision and produce an endless stream of quality product, carefully-crafted to be an integral part of the Fashion-Forward Machine.  Kudos to this great artist, I hope one day to get my writing in front of her, because I’m quite sure we could easily find ourselves meeting one fine day, on the corner of Fashion & Philosophy .