“Wired for Love” a Fashion-Game of Dominance & Submission Marie Claire Turkey

Somewhere between heart-thumping Dominatrix-Decadence and Sadomasochistic-Seduction, is a chic fashion-world filled with the luxurious fabrics of silk, satin, leather and lace.  In this daring layout by Koray Parlak for the December Issue of Marie Claire Turkey, Nina Reijnders & Victoria Lipatova play a tempting game of role-reversal with some of the Runway’s most tantalizing pieces.  As our girls get “Wired for Love”, they tease their way through this Bondage-Chic story, while flirting with the concepts of dominance and submission.  And within the images of this “Style-Fantasy” are hidden amazing trends that would amp-up any bland winter-wardrobe.  You don’t have to enter the under-ground world of S&M to add a little spice to your look.