Art of “Reflection” Fashion & Philosophy Collide Atis Artemjevs Spring 2012 Lookbook

The series “Female-Form” is dealing with the theme of “Reflection”, and the deep philosophical implications it can bring up.  Lay back and enjoy the gorgeous images that comprise the Spring 2012 Lookbook of Latvian Designer Atis Artemjevs (via  The pieces that make up this ethereal collection, are dripping with sophisticated-femininity, and give off a luxe feel (very reminiscent of the Michael Kors brand). However, I am much more passionate about the conceptual-collision of Fashion & Philosophy that is happening in these photographs of Madara Malmane, captured by Polina Viljun.

As I analyze what effect the various forms of reflection has on both participant/viewer, I am forced to look inside myself and consider what effect that kind of introspective-reflection would have on me.  What would “deep-reflection” do to my self-image?  Could this kind of intervening “self-reflection” be a disruptive factor in an inner-world built on carefully placed “bricks” of denial/preservation?  Or would it be just the right amount of “Caustic-Chaos” that could infuse high-octane motivation, igniting positive change, and personal-growth?

Looking at these pictures, I can’t help but be moved by the message of Power & Potential they possess.  I am inspired by the interactive element that is happening in each frame.  Every choice she is making, is what allows her to see deeper, and will ultimately be what gets her closer to her own “Personal-Truth.”  She’s on a kind-of “Vision-Quest” of sorts.  One that will allow her to transcend the burdens of beauty/perfection that culture places on women (and indeed we place on ourselves), and free her to ascend to heights only achievable by the unencumbered mind/soul.  Once we see who we really are, and accept ourselves, we are at-once open/available – because...The Truth Doesn’t Just Set Us Free, IT ALLOWS US TO BE.