Stone Fox Magazine’ Premier Issue Does 70’s Fashion Proud

With a name like “Stone Fox Magazine“, how could you come out with any less that a full-on 70’s-Inspired Spread for your premier issue.  Tati Cotliar comes off as so authentic I swear I’m looking at somebodies personal photo-book.  Christopher Ferguson’s shots are laced with familiar imagery that reeks of that decade, but what makes this layout stand-out is the perfect styling by Nadene Duncan.  We are so used to seeing interpretations of 70’s-Chic, when we are faced with something totally true to that era, it actually feels fashion-forward and inspirational.  Whether they are topped with a plaid shirt or Mickey-Mouse sweat-shirt, all variations of jeans/pants –  from long-skinnies and high-wasted flares, to rolled up levi’s and chic overalls – are worn with some kind of fabulous “sky-high” heel.  It’s the extreme mix of tomboy-cool and sexy-stylish that makes this look so unique and transcendent.  This vibe has nothing to do with labels, and price-tags, it’s all about attitude and confidence, and nothing is chicer than that.  Images from