Eniko Mihalik’s a Road-Warrior in Western-Chic for Vogue Italia

With the world at her feet, we follow Eniko Mihalik as she hits-the-road in search of romantic destinations and unknown adventures in the December Issue of Vogue Italia.  This “Vogue-Vagabond” goes Western-Chic for a style trip that has her mixing the richly-textured designs of Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Fendi – with the rugged landscape of the urban city.  Francesco Carrozzini captures the high-cheekbones of Eniko Mihalik as if he were photographing the Italian-Alps.  Mixing the epic-cinema of the bustling background, with the intimate independent spirit of this stunning “Road-Warrior” traveler, gives the layout a passionate edge.  When we set out to accomplish out goals we often get weighed down by what’s around us.  This fearless Vogue-Vagabond takes on whatever’s in front of her, eating up the scenery around her like a predator that just captured it’s prey.  The ability to stand-out in a crowd has nothing to do with beauty, it’s an “inner-fire” that evokes a kind of personal-attraction that demands attention.  And where, but out on the road among strangers, is that truth more clear.  In this fabulous shoot I feel the celebration of personal strength/beauty, while still maintaining a fashion-forward stance.  This is the epitome of where Fashion & Philosophy Collide.  Images via FashionGoneRogue.com.