Vlada Roslyakova in “Guilty Pleasures” by Nagi Sakai for Tush Magazine

Nagi Sakai finds the perfect balance between sweet/sinful in “Guilty Pleasures”, a hideously-hip layout from the German-Edition of Tush Magazine. Vlada Roslyakova takes all that is cool about the over-the-top 80’s, and puts a modern spin on some of the era’s hottest looks.  In your face bold colors that make no apologies, and do anything but ‘blend-in” with their surroundings.  Beauty’s “Guilty Pleasures” are about identifying your inner “makeup-fantasies” and finding and outlet to indulge them.  So pile on that “racing stripe” blush, and put on those “eye-wings”, this is about exploration and enjoyment.  I encourage you to find one look below that “blows your skirt up”, and put your own “modern-spin” on it.  It’s never a bad thing to show up at a party with a little 80’s “Addicted to Love” thing going on.  Have a fun with your makeup this season.