Alessandra Ambrosio Channels Louise Brooks by Chad Pitman for Muse Magazine, Winter 2011

Rocking an updated “Louise Brooks” Bob and outta’-this-world makeup, Alessandra Ambrosio goes for a little “Future-Shock” in this layout that has her taking the Roaring-Twenties deep into the 21st Century. This heavenly “Angel” sheds her wings, for the Winter-Issue of Muse Magazine, that includes her wearing freaky-cool “neon lips”, that come-to-life under the glare of a “black-light.”  Leaving behind the world of safe & commercial, the talented model goes for hers, and gets her editorial-on.  The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell embraces her inner-androgyny, and takes us to a fashion-forward place where beauty is in the creative, and avant-garde cool reigns supreme.  Now this is what I call Hot!

Written Addition Winter 2019; I stumbled across this editorial, like I do most of my past works, randomly and without warning. I have obviously changed my style of editorial application, by including well written pieces that expand on the intellectual aspects of shown works. This allows us to really explore the visual medium, by going in further to investigate the particulars. Here, we see Alessandra doing something that isn’t in her modeling wheel-house. My instinct is that she got somewhat pigeon holed by her pure beauty. Not a horrible problem to have, but an issue none the less. Especially for models who find themselves evolving. Naturally growing out of a certain phase, then subjected to a new kind of type-casting… a la’ Victoria’s Secret. One that doesn’t evolve rather ejects. A show, and by extension a concept, that I feel like has reached it’s end. I’ve written about my reluctance to cover such trite events. I was uninterested back in my day – and became less enamored as I began my writing career. They seemed base. I don’t write that to try and come off as above-it-all, but let’s be real, this was an open showcase dedicated to women shakin’ their sh**. Perfection First was their motto. That was part of the pathos that kept the televised events (et al) going. In my opinion much of the overt sexuality became pathetic. If you are going to peddle young women out on stage for no other reason than to expose them, you’ve got a problem. Which, finally, has shown itself.  Need I Say More.

Atleast VS is starting to get the hint, or maybe it’s just being reflected in sales… ooops. Aside from my distinct disaffection for this brand, I have always been a fan of Alessandra Ambrosio. I just finished a recent piece for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Reflecting how stunning and competitive this woman is, even as she heads toward the Fab-40. My thoughts, as I finished writing, was that this phenom of fantasy should hang up her sexy-things in favor of hittin’ high fashion hard. She could really accomplish a unique transformation. Allowing the changes that nature holds for her (and all of us) to be a part of the experience. A pantheon of change, as it were. F*** covering, cutting or the overused photo enhancements. Allow conceptually driven artists the chance to show what they can do, and by extension expand your repertoire.  Just a thought.  All Respect, tjay @Fashioncow