How To Turn Edgy Avant-Garde Beauty Into Everyday Chic

In the spirit of the holidays let’s reach inside and find a way to tap into our creative-selves, and celebrate with a little “Beauty-Theater.”  By this time of the year we have all been deluged with “Fall’s” beauty-trends, and we start gettin’ a little antsy as the “party-season” descends upon us.

No matter how much we might have loved Autumn’s hottest makeup looks, when Winter comes knocking we’re ready to experiment.  I don’t know if it’s the impending New Year, and that fateful clock that’s ticking in the background reminding us of all the goals we haven’t yet met, but without fail this is the time of year that I’m looking to get a little edgy, and get my “Avant-Garde” on.

And right on schedule I’ve been feeling that same ‘ol itch.  So coming across this layout, “A Winter’s Tale” from S Moda, felt very timely.  When I first laid eyes on the images of Codie Young, taken by photographer Satoshi Saikusa, I was literally giddy with excitement.  And after basking in the glow of the glorious artistic-details of the styling, I set to task the job of extrapolating the more “wearable” trends hidden within these beautiful pieces of fashion-art.

So put on your “beauty-explorer” hat and see what you find hidden in the shots below.  Here are some of the “beauty-treasures” I found, and some hints on how I’m going to make them my own.

Add “single” Red -Lashes just at the outer edges of the eye could make a powerful statement, and will make the eye pop.

I’m finally going to ditch my darkening powder, and lighten my eyebrows when I get my next foil.  I’ve been in an “eyebrow-rut” for awhile now, and this layout has finally convinced me that the “Future Brow is Now.”

Atleast once this season I’m going to try the liquid-liner drawn in the crease.  I saw a fabulous tutorial on this trend @, and I was mesmerized.  I won’t be going for the “no-lashes” look like Codie Young in the pictures below, but that’s what I mean by making it your own, and making the “extreme” more user-friendly.

The Silver-Lip below is one of my favorite looks in this beauty-editorial.  This Silver/White is so Runway-Chic I could die, and it just looks so fashion-forward.  I think if done right it could be a total “Show-Stopper.”

Matching the Gold nails with a touch of Gold on the lips would be a stunning way to add a very traditional holiday color to a new beauty-look, and updated trend.

While I don’t think I’m brave enough to rock my entire brows in “Swarovski-Crystals” (however if I was 23 I’d kill-it), I think a few strategically placed, beautiful-quality crystals could look really dynamic, and really gorgeous.

I love the Glossy-Red Lips with Gold-Flecks, and I’m Completely Obsessed With the perfect Matte Brick-Lip Color.  This has inspired me to spend some time finding really great options for these trends, so I will have my “Red-Arsenal” ready this season.

Invest in a few (affordable) Winter-Accessories, that will be at-the-ready when you want to make a special statement.  While metallic head-pieces, or red-feather neck wear may not be your thing, you never know what amazing addition might give you that “Editorial-Edge”, and give have you standing out in the crowd.  With shops like “Forever 21”, “Express”, or “Arden B” it’s easy to find “statement-pieces” without the “statement-price.”

This is an invitation to have a little fun, and take a few chances.  The holiday season is an opportunity to try new things on, things that you are normally not comfortable with.  While some may not fit, it only takes one fabulous piece to bring out a new part of yourself, and share it with the world.  Go for it – then you can take it off “Be More Adventurous” from your New Year’s List.