Pulp Magazine Exposes the Dark-Side of Chanel

The House of Chanel has an interesting/complex history, and it’s current King-Karl (Lagerfeld) is not one to shy away from the “dark-side.”  In this shadowy-layout Chris Nicholls gives us a unique vantage point for Chanel’s Winter Collection.  With an “Apocalyptic” Fall Fashion Show that burned up the runway, this is an appropriate follow-up.  In this pictorial for the #4 Issue of Pulp Magazine, Model Kristen portrays the perfect Chanel “Dark Beauty.”  With dramatic clothing that seem to defy gravity, these images evoke a romantic quality while giving off a twisted ethereal sense.  There is something deeply organic about this editorial, giving us the sense that these stunning pieces have just found their way to the model’s body by some “other-worldly” force.  I am often asked how one can distinguish between the execution of “High-Art” and the strictly “Avant-Garde.”  I would point to this fashion-story as a beautiful example of the former.  Just because we find this form of art in the pages of a magazine doesn’t it any way diminish it’s value to the greater purpose of “artistic progression.”