Daisy Lowe Stuns us Senseless in Retro Style 40’s-Glam Looks

We saw a serious resurgence of Retro-Glam this year, with looks that brought back the feel of the great 40’s “Dames”, and their grand tradition of mixing the ultra-feminine fashion with hints of masculine. As the year comes to an end I’m concentrating on all those fabulous style-trends that made Fall/Winter 2011 so fashion-forward.  In the latest issue of Schön! Magazine, Daisy Lowe stuns us senseless with her modern rendition of a 40’s Glamour-Queen.  Think Emily Blunt as a modern-day Kathryn Hepburn.  And with peaks of sexy garter-belts and stockings, Yuval Hen’s, “The Lady” is a perfect depiction of an era that was all about never knowing what was “under the skirt” of a woman.  If nothing else this era was about personal mystery.  It’s as if all stylish woman of that time period were playing a role, and were happy doing so.  And with looks from Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Gareth Pugh, and Marni we see the clear influence that decade had on our current runways.  Daisy Lowe is the perfect 40’s-Dream with updated beauty trends that would fit into with any routine.  It’s one I’m definitely taking with me into the New Year.