In Moments of Natural Beauty a Woman is Found, Vogue China

Forget Victoria’s Secret, this is an “Angel” I can get on board with.  Cara Delevingne is an “other-worldly” vision in designs from Versace, Givenchy, Dior and Alexander McQueen.  Sølve Sundsbø creates a dreamy world where the delicacy/detail of the fabric is celebrated.  I am drawn to the natural beauty that is portrayed in these images.  It touches that place in me that lives in direct opposition to the eruptive state of the glossy-layouts I frequent.  A reminder of the simplicity & ease of “womanly-beauty.”  It’s in the moments of natural-beauty that a woman is her most sexy.  And while it might seem antiquated or regressed, nothing highlights that ethereal state better than sheer layers of white falling in unison around the female form.  This layout for the December Issue of Vogue China is pure, and I think it’s ok to find that beautiful.