Karlie Kloss is “Straight from the Sea” Chic for Greg Kadel

With buoys and boats – tackles and ropes, Numero Magazine’s #129 Issue features the “Magic Karlie” (Kloss) with a layout that is “Straight from the Sea.”  We can almost hear the echos of Digital-Genius, Greg Kadel, as he puts in motion a shoot that sets-out to catch some serious “Fashion-Fish.”  Bringing his Gucci-Clad model to sit amongst the ruins of an abandoned fish-hatchery, these gorgeous designs by Tom Ford, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent light-up like beacons, calling in the “Style-Ships” for all fashion lovers to unite.  Juxtaposing the high-gloss decadence with real world industrial-grit, Kadel continues to push artistic boundaries, and elevate industry expectations.