A Writer’s Confession, How I Reconciled my Love for Barbie

So here I am trying to create a blog/magazine that celebrates the independent woman who is at once deeply intellectual and passionately driven by fashion and the arts.  I spent years collecting combined forces from the world of academia and fashion, so I could present a unique voice that comes from both experience and expertise.  One that stands out against the endless echoes of the vapid-dribble being espoused by those who have never “Earned” their right to be heard – rather they use their shallow virtues of Beauty, Popularity, & Wealth to hoard coveted positions to further their own lust for fame – offering only in return mediocre, unispired, regergitated “Pre-Packaged” ideas.  I have spent the better part of a decade trying to build something truly authentic and tirelessly work for my “right” to a platform, forever trying to extract the Philosophy behind the Pop, the Art behind the Fashion, & the Intellect behind the Inspiration.  It’s what I do, I’m an “Archaeologist” of Pop-Culture, Fashion, Beauty, and Art – always digging to find the depth and analyze the truth.  Yet here I am today, chasing colorful images of “Barbie” as if I were 5 years old.  But even as I Cater to the Couture, all it takes is one image of “Barbie” and I’ve lost my head.  It’s such an innate reaction, to deny it would almost be “sac-religious.”  This is one powerful little doll.  She touches a spot in our “Collective-Souls” so deep, she literally outlives personal growth/evolution.  She’s “Nuclear-Barbie.” Intellectually I find myself embarrassed that she has that kind of control over my senses, and confused that, regardless all of my above aspirations, I still long to have her propped-up on my dresser surrounded by her tiny accessories.  So here and now I confess… I love Barbie and I always will.  She lives in a place that is so pure/innocent, she transcends concepts like “hypocracy” and “self-image.”  It’s a Deep-Love, don’t mess with it.  Check-out Dazed Digital for article on Barbie’s “Printable Hair Extensions”, from Barbie & Bleach Salon.