Rooney Mara’s “Natural Beauty” Shines for January Cover of Allure Magazine

Rooney Mara has finally hit the theaters with her much awaited portrayal of, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”  And just as we were getting comfortable seeing her with her signature “brow-piercing” and “lip-ring”, this talented young actress gives us her best “girl next door” as the January Cover-Girl for Allure Magazine.  Looking naturally beautiful, Rooney shows us she is not about to get “type-cast” as the dark, edgy outsider.  I’m glad to see her fighting, right out of the gate, to hold on to her power of self-definition.  I really see this girl as having potential to go the distance.  I can’t wait ’til she is connected to a project other than “Girl…Tattoo.”  She just falls into that category of “Breath of Fresh air”, and in this industry they are in short-supply.