Rosie Huntington Whiteley Plays the Tortured Housewife for Tom Munro

Rosie Huntington Whiteley puts her 60’s Doll-Face on, in January’s Harper’s Bazaar UK “Valley of the Dolls” layout.  Striking a serious 60’s pose, this model turned actress may be giving us a peak into how she made that crossover.  With tremendous conviction, Rosie plays the perfect “tortured housewife”, exposing one damaged layer after another in deliciously Mad-Menesque style.  With dynamic photographer Tom Munro leading the way, we feel like we are the true voyeurs in this “fashion story” of an impending “Suburban-Doom.”  The power of editorials that take the imagery one step further with compelling story-lines brought to life, is the lifeblood of this industry.  The passion of this pictorial is not only in it’s ability to influence trends, but in it’s ability to transform stereotypes.  With every unique depiction of an era gone by, we get new perspective on the people/places of that time period.  I’m blown away by the quiet intensity of these images, and that of Tom Munro’s staggering talent.