Succumb to the Fire of Sebastian Kim’s “Electric World”

In these hauntingly-beautiful images by avant-garde master of creative-photography, Sebastian Kim, we are pulled into his “Electric World.”  Helpless against his powers, we follow Gertrud Hegelund as she makes her way through this dynamic-maze.  Kim’s genius is in his mastery of basic elements.  Finding ways to bend/move light to his will, he is able to capture existential-moments in time, tempting the viewer to engage in the anomaly, and succumb to his fire.  Filled with visual-metaphors and double-entendre, we are always seeing more than we are looking at, and looking for more than we are seeing.  His work always has an edge of danger, but promises pure satisfaction.  His shoots are meant to push buttons, always begging his audience to go deeper.  When I look at these shots I can feel the unrelenting power of truth-seeking, and the unforgiving power of change.  If you don’t find yourself pausing for reflection after viewing this amazing fashion-spread, then my advice would be to check for a pulse.  Images from the #129 Issue of Numero Magazine (via