The Fashion-Evolution of Kate Moss to “Ziggy Stardust”

The edgy-power of Kate Moss & the raw-sexiness of David Bowie, forms a perfect Style-Concoction, that always leaves us wanting more.  With the new cover of Kate Moss channeling David Bowie, burning up the Internet, we only have to look back a few years to see the original Moss/Bowie “Cover-Colabo” (published in Vogue UK May 2003) to understand the cosmic-chemistry of these 2 Pop Culture Icons.  In the first Vogue layout, Kate was the perfect picture of a modern-day “Alladin Sane.”  This alter-ego of David Bowie, from his 70’s glory-days, is such a “Cult-Legend”, that taking him on was a serious risk.  However, with the talents of avant-garde creative genius Nick Knight, and world-famous “Chameleon” Kate Moss, the shoot would eventually garner it’s own “Cult-Status” in the annuls of Magazine-Cover history. So it would come as no surprise that all these years later Kate Moss would finally answer the calls for a “Fashion-Encore”, and grace us with a follow-up “Bowie” cover for the Music-Issue of Vogue France.  This duo seem to have a chemistry that goes beyond the superficial, and enters the realm of “other-worldly.”  Proof of this came In 2003, when Kate Moss & David Bowie shot together for photographer Ellen Von Unwerth (below), in a layout that was pure magic. Vintage images via