Lindsey Wixson is “Like a Doll” in February Issue of Vogue Italia

In this Beautiful-Nightmare we fall down the “Rabbit-Hole” for an avant-garde trip through a fashion fantasy by master “fantasist”, Tim Walker.  With a giant antique doll taunting her, our resident “Alice”, Lindsey Wixson, plays with her huge nemesis in “Like a Doll”, for the February Issue of Vogue Italia.  In a world that’s upside-down, we see that all that is “Sugar” is definitely not sweet, and that everything may not be perfect in a “doll’s-world.”  With a mix of fear and excitement Lindsey “plays” this role with the animation and angst of a little girl longing to be the “Big-Doll” and the dedicated defiance to try.  In this fabulously eerie layout, Jacob K’s styling gives these “dolls” a vintage vibe, that takes this fashion-story to next-level “scary-chic.”  Click-here for behind the scenes shots of the set being built by Andy Hillman.