Bryan Adams Shoots Daphne Guiness as “David Bowie” for Vogue Germany

With another awe-inspiring impersonation of “Glam-Rock” Icon David Bowie, Socialite/Fashion-Queen – Daphne Guiness – puts her own unique twist on the 70’s Cult-Hero.  With the help of another music-legend, Bryan Adams “played” fashion-photographer, for the Vogue Germany layout.  Forget “covering” songs, the trendiest  fashion/music cross-over thing happening right now is, Icons-doing-Icons.  Kate Moss has famously channeled “Ziggy Stardust” more than once in her illustrious career, with her most recent foray being the December 2011 Cover/Editorial of Vogue Paris.  And with that successful “Kate-Ziggy” collaboration fresh in our minds, the comparison between these two “Bowies,” is itself a compelling prospect.

What makes Daphne Guiness so appealing, is her willingness to be “ugly,” for the sake of art.  She doesn’t seem to have the need to sanitize things in order to make herself pretty or acceptable.  She is more committed to the artistic integrity, than her own ego.  In this avant-garde version, she’s taken on a decidedly masculine-edge, allowing the darker side of that era to show through, there by, exposing an accurate depiction of the decade.  The kind of “Jagged-Beauty” reflective of that time period, was equal parts ugly/pretty, as is far more historically precise.

These are brave pictures, and ones that feel far more connected to the subject matter.  Ultimately, I’m captivated by the depth of creative expression in this layout, and it’s made me a true Daphne Guiness supporter.  The perfect socialite – muse/benefactor, she lives & breaths High-Couture, and is always searching for ways to make herself a willing “canvas” for designers.  I find this interpretation of David Bowie truly inspired.  Very instrumental in making the recent ‘Alexander McQueen Retrospective’ a success, and her current work with Chanel’s, Karl Lagerfeld, is why this New Yorker is considered one of the hardest working “socialites” in the business. Images via