Find the Spirit of Your Inner-Goddess with Anja Konstantinova for Lovecat

Anja Konstantinova is the picture of a Modern-Goddess, in this layout for the #3 Issue of Lovecat Magazine. As a woman empowered by her own beauty/sexuality, we can follow her lead as we head into a New Year. Sybil Steele has captured the feminine spirit alive with the freedom of expression.  I believe that what the next year offers, more than anything else, is possibility.  I have never felt more inspired to come face to face with my dreams, than any time in the past.  It starts first with the strength to let go of anything holding us down.  We must go forth completely unencumbered by our past mistakes, or current insecurities.  But at it’s core this is not about “facing fear”, rather, it’s about having total clarity and the peace of mind to endure the journey to achieve our vision.  So go forth and conquer my beautiful heros, I’m right behind you.  Images via