Maybelline’s 2012 Calendar is a Beauty Junkie’s Neon Nirvana

O.k., so I know I might have mentioned something about going on a “Gloss-Free” Diet for a while – but give a girl a break – this is NEON NIRVANA.  Maybelline’s 2012 Calendar, featuring some of the hottest “Faces” working today including, Erin Wasson, Jessica White, Emily DiDinato, Zhang Ziyi and Julia Stegner, is a fashion-fantasy come true.  The “beauty-brainchild” of photographer Kenneth Willardt & Maybelline’s global-makeup artist Charlotte Whiler, they brought to life a Color-Creation Extravaganza.  Sparing no “imagination-expense” these wild images depict a delicious kind of upside/down world where even the most mundane of jobs has been Amped-Up to Extreme Beauty Proportions.  With a pancea of extreme makeup applications, and fiery fashions to match, this layout is nothing less than a candy-coated dream for beauty lovers everywhere.  With a weather girl wearing pink fur/silver lashes, a mechanic in fishnets, and a sizzling hot politician with the American Flag tattooed on her lips, the message here is loud & clear…Life isn’t Worth Living Unless It’s Outside the Box.  For more on Charlotte Whiler Check-out