Andrej Pejic’s Beauty is Beyond-Gender in Fashion Canada

I consider Andrej Pejic a “Fashion-Hero.”  He’s re-adjusting peoples’ concepts on masculine/feminine – and what constitutes The Modern Idea of Beauty – with his tireless efforts to produce innovative, fashion-forward work, and willingness to always push limits & take chances.  I’m sure I’m not the only fashion-writer who is Completely Obsessed With this amazing androgynous model.  He’s not out there  resting on the momentum of his pop-culture status & popularity, he’s maintaining his “street-cred” by keeping the “conversation alive” through his great work.  On full display in the February Issue of Fashion Canada, by Moo King.

Fashioncow was built on my interpretation of the limits the fashion-industry puts on itself, and how those voids can be filled-in, 1 person at a time.  I believe in the “Art of Fashion”, and that foundation being the intellectual & philosophical basis of such art.  Without having people willing or educated in the pursuits of such endeavors, we are at an evolutionary standstill (think of all the celebrities who call themselves designers, writers, singers ect.).  Real strides come in the form of expectations being challenged.

Efforts being made in the form of endless hard-work, personal sacrifice, and unyielding bravery – that is the fertile ground where change can happen.  Artifice in the form of delusion or illusion is the “Cocktail of the Masses”, designed to keep people from Deep-Thinking, designed to prevent questions, designed to keep mediocre-talent collecting fame/fortune.  And the perversity of this “reality” is that it prevents excellence & growth, thereby lowering our general standards.  Where we begin to accept average when once it was excellence.

It’s a dangerous game.  So instead of continuing to follow the untalented, uneducated, “Artificial-Artists” – we must unite and re-focus.  For every “Kardashian” we choose to ignore, there is an amazing new “role-model” waiting to fill the spot.  Someone with the potential to add to the “real-conversation” of life & art, someone who’s outside beauty is wholey out-shined by their inner-beauty… Someone just like Andrej Pejic.

So I put this challenge to the world, let’s make 2012 the year of high-expectations.  Let’s get back to having our artists have real-talent, and rewarding the intelligence, hard-work and education that backs-up that talent, with the appropriate compensation.  In other words, let’s quick giving away all the coveted spots in the world to the “unworthy”, and start expecting the exceptional for our time/money.  Because nothing in this life is more valuable.  Images via