Karlie Kloss Takes Manhatten in Free People by Guy Aroch

Karlie Takes Manhatten, in a day in the life of a cool fashion-chick.  For those of us who love fashion, every day is an opportunity to “write” our own fashion-story based on who we want to be that day.  Guy Aroch follows Karlie Kloss around the city in looks from Free People’s January Catalogue.  Fully in-touch with her edgy urban-girl, we see how easy it is to add pieces to your already existing wardrobe for a serious upgrade to your “chic-status.”  The key to this style is all in the “power-mixing”, if you’re not ready to take some chances in the “Cross-Over” category, then I’d say you’re not ready to embrace this look.  Putting a casual little day-dress under your favorite leather jacket, or mixing your work-blazer with a pair of pleated-shorts over tights and ankle-boots, might just take you from the Office to the Runway.  It’s about finding those statement pieces that you can force on the other items in your closet to form something chaotically-cool, or if you’re really lucky, something genius.  So forget adhering to the rules for the “Season”, just start putting cool s%#t together.  And at the very least start getting a few “trend-staples”, I know we’re all going to need for 2012 including, leather-leggings, jean-jackets, wide-brimmed hats, pleated-shorts, ankle-boots, wild-tights and lace tops.  That way you’ll be ready for the day you go “rogue” and start mixing/layering at whim.  I’m Completely Obsessed With my “Downtown-Story” right now, what about you?