Lindsey Wixson Redefines the Concept of Natural Beauty

As we inch toward Spring, we can use this “Season-Tween” time to experiment with new looks.  After indulging over the holidays, on the decadent side of the “fashion-platter” (think sequins & fur, glitz & gloss), it’s a nice time to consider casual options that still look fabulously-stylish, and on-trend.  And with this in mind, I’ve picked Lindsey Wixson as my “poster-girl” for the perfect combination of natural and glamorous.  Will Davidson’s layout for the current issue of Muse Magazine is a stunning adaptation of where I think the future of “natural” is going.  It requires a redefinition of the concept, along with a new idea of what it means to be a modern-day “girl-next-door.”  Less about innocent, – the new “GND” is all about confidence, and balance.  Her inner-beauty shines through in a way that allows for more definition/color, without letting the “look” take over her life.  If she wants a pop of color on her lips she goes for it, however, it’s still about the ease and flexibility of the products & application.  And having that philosophy be able to translate in the choices of makeup & clothing.  I look forward to exploring my new “Natural-GND”, what about you?  Take some time to consider what you may be spending too much time on in your routine, and what could use a little “re-invention.”  It’s pretty easy to get in a Beauty Rut – so shake-things-up – you may be pleasantly surprised at the new “natural-you” that comes out the other end.