Coco Rocha in ‘Crazy for Coco’ by Chris Nicholls, Flare Magazine

Go ‘Crazy for Coco’ in Flare Magazine’s February 2012 issue by Chris Nicholls.  Delve into the fabulous world of ‘Cross-Trending’ where patterns & prints are mixed with a kind of frenzied abandon. Follow Coco Rocha on a tour of the trends with Springs hottest looks from Louis Vuitton, Erdem & Miu Miu, all in a perfect-pile of prints & patterns. Highlighting the very concepts I’ve been steadily preaching on for the last year, Nicholls throws out – The Archaic Rules of Style – in favor of a new world fashion order.  This new way of thinking requires that you invite the rebel out to play for a wicked game of what I like to call, pattern-piling.  I’ve found that the only way to succeed in creating amazing combinations of prints & colors is to boldly go where you’ve never gone before, and pair up every crazy-combination your closet will offer, starting with the most extreme. This exercise in the excessive, is a vital part of the re-learning process and will help you break through the walls of sobriety, and get a little Style-Wild. Once you’ve allowed yourself to, match the forbidden, (stripes with animal prints, or screaming purple with blazing red) you’ll start to see the possibilities.  For every ridiculous ensemble that’s created, there may be one sliver of cool shining through that will spark your innovation & edge. Then before you know it, you’re stealing your boyfriends vest to wear over your silk leopard print top, linen shorts and neon patterned-tights. There’s a world of chic out there if you’re willing to explore.  Most of the people we covet don’t wait to be told what’s cool, the fashion-forward among us do the work themselves.