Celebrate High-Art, Dior Haute Couture “The Retrospective”

Welcome to why I do what I do.  This stunning compilation of images reminds me of my commitment to the service of High-Art.  When each day brings with it the possibility that I might come across something this exquisite, makes all the work worth it.  Honoring this iconic fashion house, Patrick Demarchelier created a “Photo-Book” featuring a Retrospective of Dior Haute Couture from 1947 to present day (worn by some of the best models/actresses of this generation).  A presentation of Dior’s greatest works of fashion-art, “Dior Couture” celebrates both the historic relevance of this great name, and also provides a unique and elaborate landscape filling out, in cinematic-beauty, the last fifty years of Haute Couture Fashion.  With total access to the Dior-Archives, and full “carte-blanche” on how to shoot them,  Demarchelier took out on this “labor of love” that would be three years in the making.