Dakota Fanning Is a Bona-Fide “It Girl” on February Cover of Elle UK.

So what makes a young ingenue go from sought after actress to coveted fashion-muse?  It’s that intangible quality that can catapult a young starlet into the stratosphere of Style-Hero.  And for those of us in the know, we are clear that what we’re looking at is the next bona-fide “It-Girl.” These amazing images, shot by David Slijper for the February Issue of Elle UK, are a resounding confirmation of this young girl’s unique beauty and ability to stand-out from the crowd.  She’s a trend-setter.  Possessing a captivating combination of self-confidence and vulnerability, while still maintaining her quirky independence.  For all the young actresses falling over themselves to get noticed, this beautiful creature has us all wanting more. She does it by keeping a healthy distance from the common “flood of desperation” that flows through the fashion/film industry.  It seems she has used her time (growing up in-front of the camera) to not only hone her acting skills – but to also cultivate a strong & strategic method of dealing with the caustic-chaos that surrounds this career-choice.  She truly appears to transcend the vapid world of a typical Hollywood teenager, and instead, seems poised to take on something far more significant.  If ever there was a picture of a young woman on the path for great thespian success, it would be this young lady.  She has that quiet yearning in her eyes, hungry for her next great role, you can really feel her love for her craft. In Elle UK she opens up about age, accomplishment, sibling-comparison, and that four letter word…Fame.  Stunning in designs by Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni & more, we see how she transforms these sweet Spring looks into pieces with an edgy-chic vibe and ultra-modern appeal.