Lindsey Wixson Covers Spring 2012 With Adds Like Mulberry

Let’s just say it, it’s the Season of the Wixson.  If there was a “poster-girl” for the Spring/Summer 2012 Season it would be this model extraordinaire – Lindsey Wixson.  The star of many Spring 2012 runway shows, numerous campaigns (like this Mulberry add along-side fellow model Frida Gustavsson), and endless magazine editorials – this girl is everywhere.  With her deadly combination of girl-next-door and “Lolita-esque” sex-appeal, there seems to be nothing outside of her range.  In layouts like the one below, she’s “literally” sugar-sweet as the “All-American” beauty, yet she can still spread her “vixen” wings in the more avant-garde heavy shoots.  In an industry that is terminally-fickle, it’s not a small feat to be able to carve-out a spot for yourself with some measure of flexibility.  I think it speaks to this young girl’s drive/ambition that she wasn’t willing to be “type-cast.”  Recognizing her unique ability to play both sides, she found a way to use it to her advantage.  And in “Model-World”, that’s a serious accomplishment.  Trust me I know (Seattle didn’t always “appreciate” my Editorial-Appeal), so a girl that can kill-it on the commercial-level, yet still turn out an edgy-editorial (worthy of avant-garde “street-cred”) is gonna’ get my attention.  And right now, Lindsey Wixson is walking that dichotomous-runway like a “Couture-Champ.”  Images via Zac-Fashion.