Ditch the Glitz & Get to Know the Downtown-Girl Inside of You

Once I’ve made it to the other-side of January 1st, I want the antithesis of all that shines & Glows.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed every decadent image Gucci, Fendi and Tom Ford put out this year, but I think I may have Gorged a bit on the Gloss, and I’m seeking some balance.  When I came across Nicolas Aristidou’s “Soothing Thoughts” for Papercut Magazine, It was just what I needed.  There’s a kind of laid-back reverence to these images, without being too casual or overtly “street-chic.”  I’m craving subtle layers with quiet complexity, and this editorial seems to celebrate all that inspires.  This “downtown-girl” is all about looking cool, but maintaining her hunger for creative-success.  This is the time to set aside the rigidity of fashion/beauty and get in touch with who you are inside the clothes.  It’s out time to get things done.  Annie Ackerman for PapercutMagazine.