Why V Magazine’s Tribute to Madonna has me Looking Forward not Back

In this masterful layout for V Magazine’s #75 Music-Issue, Mario Testino has reached back in time and delivered this Beautifully-Untamed homage to the great, Madonna. Sky Ferreira is the lost “Material Girl” in these images that are so quintessentially 80’s, I feel like I’m caught in some kind of fashion time-loop.  This pictorial goes way beyond impersonation, we can feel the spirit of a young Madonna, so vibrant and alive, her every movement is itself a song.  The “Queen of Pop” was a trend-setter unlike the world has ever known.  She captivated an entire decade, and then went on to stay relevant and innovative ’til today. Emulating her look, with modern pieces from some of today’s hottest designers, including Proenza Schuler, Chanel, Mulberry and Ralph Lauren – we see how potent her style was, and how it transcends the bounds of pop-culture.  As easy as Cinderella “fitting into the glass slipper,” these updated looks slip into current trends with the greatest of ease.  A true tribute to this Style-Icon’s ability to see beyond herself, and create art that would stand the test of time.  In that heroic effort, I think there is a lesson for all who aspire to be fashion-forward (in our own little lives).  I look at this editorial and I’m not thinking about the past, I’m moved toward the future.  And for each little creative-choice we make each day, there’s an opportunity to be brave, unique and amazing – just like Madonna.