My Take on Fashion Week’s “Natural Selection” Fall 2012

Put your Spring-Dreams on hold and allow yourself to imagine Autumn 2012 in all it’s Style-Glory.  Fall 2012 Fashion Week is upon us, with collections from the industries most prolific & accomplished designers, as well as, new talent with potential to rock the fashion-world.  This is the time of year to put your skills as an expert “comparmentalizer” to work.  Personally I find it exhiliarting to juggling my interests in current trends with that of my ability to “trend forcast.”  In my opinion, fashion is about Fluidity – seasons/styles/trends/looks – don’t live in a vacuum, they are extensions of one another.  The best collections have a “Natural Feeling of Evolution” to them, always taking in historical references and applying them to their vision & growth trajectory.  I’m most dissapointed by shows that feel, at their foundation, to be void of any real connection, while being most responsive to a presentation with a full “Fashion Back-Story.”  Brilliance isn’t about ego, it’s about being humble/open to inspiration & new ideas.

Nicholas K’s Fall 2012 Collection is a divine example of this “Fashion-Philosophy” beautifully applied.  At first glance, I didn’t know what I was looking at, some kind of “cartoon cowboys,” a satirical statement about Americana?  But with each new look I felt more elated with the possibility of what I was witnessing.  Nicholas Kunz was providing a completely fresh vision, while maintaining a strong connection to her past and the strength of current trends – all while taking a huge fashion-risk.  There is nothing “cartoonish” about her designs, they are a genius mix of combinations never before paired.  She’s taken the best part of “Power Layering” and allowed for an addition of a new concept I’m calling, “Cross-Trending.”  Who would have the proverbial “balls” to put together a look that takes in the best part of  cowboy-western, biker-cool, rocker-chic and power-layering – to create a completely new vision that is beyond “Fashion-Forward,” it’s fashion re-envisioned.  My prophetic style musings have been heavy on the “Power-Layering” front lately, but as you can see, my “Fashion-Eye” didn’t stear me wrong.  I call it as I see it, and Nicholas K took it to the next level, Bravo.