Prabal Gurung Fall 2012

Prabal Gurung mixed it up for his Fall 2012 Runway Presentation, with a show that seemed to be made up of 3 mini-collections.  Moving from dark to light, with a lingering stop at the beautiful “Blue-Period,” his looks were a mix of amazing silhouettes/textures, with his signature perfect-tailoring ever apparent.  And while I enjoyed the strength of each section, I felt a lack of consistincy linking them.  The amazing lines of the “black section” was the most dynamic and alluring.  Offering dramatic looks that included sexy cut-outs, fabulous combinations of satin/silk/leather/fur, and a gorgeous eye-popping iridescent group.  So when the show took a sharp turn for the “ruffled” I was still enchanted, but a little confused.  In my book Prabal Gurung can do no wrong, however, I would have loved an entire collection that stayed with the sleek theme of the “black-section.”