Chloe Sevigny Scored New Campaign for Tomboy

Proving my recent predictions to be deadly-accurate, Chloe Sevigny is following the “fashion-forward” path of 2012, just as I’d laid-out.  I knew she would pick up just where she left off (before her unfortunate side-trip to the “compound”), seizing every opportunity to explore new fashion movements and take new style-risks.  She a style-soldier and we need her in our army.  With her stunning layout in the February issue of Interview Magazine still fresh in our minds, it’s been proof-positive that we have our old “Chloe” back.  And now following it with this turbo-tempting Spring Campaign for the Korean Label, Tomboy, we are only left to wonder what the rest of 2012 holds for this revved-up little “style-kitten.”  One can only look into her eyes and see the devious look of a girl ready to do some serious fashion-damage.  She’s been dancing around her “Cult-Status” for over a decade now, and I for one, think it’s about time she moves up to full-on “Icon-Status” – right next to my girl Kate (Moss).  I’m such a die-hard, we’re gonna’ have to start calling this blog – “Chloe’s-World.”  Images via FGR.