Jean-Paul Gaultier Spring Couture 2012

In a deliciously-decadent tribute to a super-star, who’s light was extinguished far too soon, Jean Paul Gaultier found a way to embody the spirit of Amy Winehouse in his Spring 2012 Haute Couture Collection.  With the indulgent nature of an artist who wrote her own rules, Jean-Paul followed her lead and sent his models down the runway in a combination of Lunatic-Fringe & Bawdy-Brilliance.  With her signature bee-hive (shown in a rainbow of crayola-chic) & extreme eye-wings, the “Amy” look-a-likes were in everything from sequined pencil skirts, to “half-jackets” falling off one shoulder.  All, it seems, in an endearing nod to the late singer’s crazy-ways.  While there was a strong sense of “Couture-Camp,” there were also moments of the typical Gaultier brilliance – which for me, came in the form of the amazing striped platforms, and variety of leather/sequined leggings. I could only imagine Amy (up in heaven) giving a loud raspy scream of delight, at this heart-felt send-off from someone who clearly understood her deep connection to the Art of Fashion.  For the entire Jean-Paul Gaultier Spring 2012 Couture Collection – go to The Cut.