Kate Moss – A Wild-Colt Should Never be Tamed Liu Jo Jeans

As a “Kate Moss” devotee, I’ll take my girl any way I can get her, but I want Hard-Core Kate.  An all-out, fall to your knees, raise you hands to the sky, outta’ this world – “Moss-Moment” – I need a fix. This isn’t some run-of-the-mill “Super-Model” we’re talking about, this is an Icon. And those of us who count ourselves as true “Moss-Heads” view her images as works of Fashion Art. And, while I’m all for the commercial-campaigns, they pay the bills. It should be written somewhere that for every “jeans” endorsement she should be forced to shoot an amazing edgy-editorial, just to keep things balanced.  I love these black/white shots by Mario Sorrenti, for the Spring 2012 Liu Jo Campaign, but I still find myself hungry for more. As die-hards, her layouts are like “fashion life-blood” , we depend on them. In an industry filled with an endless array of stimulation & distractions, there is nothing quite like the perfect “Kate Moss” pictorial. Her love affair with the camera is truly transcendent, and for a few moments we are all let in on the secret. Something about the planes of Kate Moss’ face have always felt both inspiring & familiar. She is a muse in the truest sense of the word. Enticing, ever greater work comes from those attempting to capture the epic combination of her spirit & unique beauty. A beautiful Wild Colt – Only to be Admired Never to be Tamed.  Images via FGR.