Kate Moss Explores the Art of Religion “Good Kate/Bad Kate”

Completely devoid of any blasphemous attitude, Kate Moss carries this layout on the pure strength of her unique beauty, and her endless ability to use her body as a vessel of representation (a deeply interesting/ironic twist when considering the topic at hand).  I’ve long said it, Kate Moss is a “Fashion Goddess,” so it comes as no surprise that her ability to explore the avant-garde side of “Religion as Fashion Art,” would be a stunning success.  Only the style-prowess of Kate Moss could bring such fresh-modernity to a topic so fraught with the possible implications. Exploring the many facets of dogma/religious through looking-glass of fashion/art is not a new one, but Moss brings such a vitality & life to the images, they are elevated to staggering new heights.  Steven Klein’s images are arrived at with such pause and reflection, any shock value is lost on the sublime level of respect that seems to be intrinsically paid to the artistry itself. This layout is a genuine pleasure to gaze upon, and (for me) carry a truly moving message about the eternal beauty that God supplies through his artistic benevolence.  Images via Fashionising.com for March issue of W Magazine.