When is Avant-Garde Art the Condemnation of Commercial?

Daring to delight in these “tempting” works by Ben Lamberty for Untrustus Magazine, we see what toying with the wicked gets us.  And if this is what playing with plastic looks like, then screw being safe, sign me up. Nothing gets my “avant-garde” juices flowing like an edgy fashion-layout from the “eternally-cool.”  With each passing look, the images expose more of their “violent-beauty,” wrapped in layers of inspiration.  I wait for these little gems to come my way – rare editorials – that only exist for their intrinsic artistic value.  I am moved by the creative effects and how they seem to echo a sentiment of “false-pride.”  A faltering need for hope & fulfillment from the endlessly-vapid, for safety & salvation from the wholey-unfaithful.  It’s a “Plastic World” and we’re all seeking salvation.  But alas, there is no redemption in a “Plastic Salvation.”  This is the condemnation of the commercial, and the awakening of the Artistic Spirit.  Images via Fashion 4 Addicts.