Terry Richardson Captures Lindsey Wixson “Chic in the Heat” for Harper’s Bazaar US

From Catwalks to Covers, “Wixsonmania” continues to dominate the runways, editorials and add-campaigns for Spring 2012.  With Terry Richardson at the helm, this “fun in the sun” layout is filled with energetic-edge, making for a killer-combo. And with a model that can handle everything from intensely “Avant-Garde” to high-end “Glamour,”  Lindsey Wixson perfectly represents the versatility of the modern woman.  I don’t want to feel so compelled to keep my “street-edge” that I dismiss ideas for being too “commercial,” I want to feel free to explore my “sunny-side.”  So f&%k the labels, this year it’s all about Instinct & Vibe.  We can’t be defined by one-dimensional concepts or trends.  From street-chic to business-buttoned, we want the freedom to follow our fashion instincts, and we want the industry to provide us with adequate inspiration.  That’s why the few models that posses the talent to vacillate from commercial to edgy, are invaluable to the Fashion-Forward movement at large.  This cheeky pictorial in the March Issue of Harper’s Bazaar US, shows us how fabulous “fashion-fun” can be.  Thanks to Ms. Wixson, “we can have our cake and look cool too.”  Images via Fashionising.com.