LoveCat Mag’s Ode to Over-the-Top from Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen V0n Unwerth has truly captured the spirit of the Eclectic Nature of Spring 2012.  Contrast this deliciously-kitch high-fashion homage to Dolly Parton, with the current surge of editorials celebrating the many styles of “Modern Art,” and we see that the industry isn’t interesting in playing it safe this season.  In this fashion-story for the fourth issue of LoveCat Magazine, Valerie van der Graaf plays up this fabulous “trashy-chic” look with this ode to the lovable/tacky “Southern-Bombshell.”  Ellen Von Unwerth adds the perfect amount of edginess with her genius eye that brings all things back to avant-garde cool.  This Spring feels like an invitation to explore the extreme, and a “free-pass” to dabble in the outrageous – as you allow yourself to push your creative style-limits.  It’s time we channel all those amazingly talented people who use to get called “weird” in high school, just for being boldly-unique and ahead-of-their time.  They are now the “cool ones,” those who choose to follow the norm may now be considered the “fashion-weirdos.”  Finally – just as it should be – the rightful heirs to the artistic-thrown are restored.  The real lesson here has nothing to do with big blonde hair & boobs to match, rather, it’s about being able to point the satirical finger at yourself.  If your world is all about the right “Looks & Labels” then you really are missing the true spirit of the Art of Fashion.  Innovation & Inspiration are the names of this year’s “clothing game.”  Images via FGR.