MIchael Kors Fall 2012

What I wouldn’t do to wear head-to-toe Michael Kors.  His clothing is truly the stuff of women’s deepest style-fantasies.  You think our lust is for slinky satin’s & decadent lace, forget it, this is what we dream of.  Layers & layers of fabulous textures/fabrics draped in perfection is the MK-Way, each combination telling an epic tale of luxury and exotic travel.  This is the wardrobe of someone living a fabulous life, not just trying to appear as such.  There is something about the combination of styles that hints of a woman who knows of what she speaks, and elegant woman who’s seen the world.  I know at the heart of it this line screams of privilege, but I can’t help but be swept-up in it’s majesty.  Michael Kors knows how to build clothes that women long to wear, it literally hurts me to look at these pieces….Someday.