“Marry the Night” Elle UK

The “Re-Birth” of Fashion 2012 is the unilateral infusion of mixing high/low end designs resulting in a “Style-Hybrid” bringing everything to a fashion-forward level of casual-chic.  With these Deco-Inspired Jazz-Era looks “refreshed” for 2012, we see a new way of interpreting this style.  I was recently inspired by the concept of “morphing” and it’s endless implications for Spring’s hottest trends.  The question becomes something more than simply refurbishing or updating fabulous looks gone by, rather, we now have the opportunity to reinvision and begin to see things in a whole new way.  1920’s era fashion brings to mind endless images of flapper-dresses and beaded gowns, beautiful imagery that lends itself to grandiosity & drama.  And while it’s the “theatrical” presentation of this style that ensures it’s continued popularity, how we approach the trend as it re-circulates may need to change.  Embracing the “Morph” leads us to new ways of seeing the old, and nothing is newer than taking formal evening wear and making it daytime-chic. These amazing pieces by Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Alberto Ferretti and others, aren’t the heavy-handed clothing of the 20’s, they are lighter versions of Deco-Inspired with modern beading that feels young/fresh and ready for day or night. The line between appropriate day/night wear is blurred, as well as, casual/formal. The ability to mix a beautiful beaded tank with a pair of skinny jeans, or a high-end designer blazer over a little black/white Deco-Designed Dress from TopShop – is the way of the fashion-forward future.  You’re ability to “morph” your existing wardrobe into something compelling & unique with every new outfit says more about you stylistically that your checkbook ever will.  David Slijper’s images of Vlada Roslyakova are a reinvention of  popular Jazz-Era looks, presented with the perfect In Your Face attitude, that really tells a Fashion-Story.  We’ve entered a faze where every ensemble is tinged with an essence of daytime-cool and the best styles have the irreverent quality of mixing high/low designs.  Gone are the days of the “purebread-threads,” enter the Arena of Creative-Creations.