Sigrid Agren Meets LA’s “Alien Nation” in Numéro #131 by Greg Kadel

Greg Kadel’s “LA LA-Land” is a fantasy of riches, with the end result being one of submission and calculated survival.  To Master this Vortex of Voracity, one must ultimately befriend the “Aliens,” without becoming one themselves.  This unique vision of “Alien-Beauty” exposes the hidden creatures that await you in the land of “Hollyweird,” and the interminable treachery of hope that hangs over every person that dare take the leap to come.  With Axl Rose’s poetic lyrics “Welcome to the Jungle” playing in my head, I follow Greg Kadel as he takes us deep into the Alien-World for Numéro #131.  Following the amazing Sigrid Agren, as she makes her way through the City of Angels in a series of stunning head-dresses and daring Spring looks to match, from Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Rick Owens and Givenchy.  Proving that Kadel is at the top of his game, he brings in the element of Story & Surprise, for a fashion editorial that is beyond beauty.  Anyone who has enjoyed a “love affair” with Los Angeles knows “she” can have two-faces.  Along with the seductive, passionate, vibrant side – “she” can be one cold-hearted-bitch.  For many, this can end up being the Land of Unfulfilled Promises, but in some cases, nothing can silence the Call of the City.  I got my “calling” at the age of 17 when I snuck off to a “Prince” concert, via train (that’s a story saved for later).  Seattle wasn’t exactly “back-water” time, but with my first steps onto the streets of LA, a life-long love of fashion/beauty/art was set in motion.  A hunger, once aroused, that would forever lure me back to the “Mother-Land” to satisfy my lust for the Art of Pop-Culture.  As I peruse these avant-garde images, every twisted-vision of fashion perfection remind me of the endless string of “beautiful-disasters” awaiting me in the land of LA LA.  Images via FGR.