Spring’s Military Trend Gets a Makeover in Vogue Spain

Hunter & Gatti gives us two distinctly unique takes on this Spring’s Military-Trend with looks from Balmain, Pucci and Lanvin.  Marique Schimmel models the more traditional gritty-urbal style, for a chic layered look, then gives us some “military-gloss” by adding in “theme” pieces such beaded gowns & baroque jackets, for some “Decorative Elegance.”  In the sea of this season’s bold colors and deco-drama, it would be easy for this (usually understated) trend to lose it’s way, but with re-invention like we see in this layout for the March issue of Vogue Spain, there’s not a chance this won’t stand out in a crowd.  Once again, we see the idea is to always be daring when we mix/match our clothing options.  Nothing would be better than throwing last year’s khaki military-jacket over a sequined tank-top or mini-dress, and topping it with black ankle-booties.  I just can’t stress enough, nothing is off limits here – it’s a “Recessionista’s” dream – throw every thing you got against the proverbial “wall” and see what sticks.