The New 80’s Beauty Revival Allows for a Bold “Peacock-Eye”

Celebrating 80’s Beauty in all it’s Neon-Glory, S Moda Magazine’s “The Power Issue” features Cara Delevingne with British singer Brian Ferry.  This “eye-stopping” makeup show-cases my favorite spring trend, the absolutely-fabulous, “Peacock Eyes.”  I’ve named it this ’cause it’s does just what it’s namesake is known for…showing off it’s brilliant colors like a Peacock.  With vibrant shades of yellow, marine-blue and mermaid-green, Cara’s eyes are a dynamic upgrade from last Season’s Neon-Chic eye.  2011’s obsession with Neon offered every bright color imaginable in it’s palette, however, the actual application process was left to the user’s discretion.  And while I’m all for “creative-choice,” I also like 2012’s focused-direction on the overall look of the eye.  Another stunning upgrade in the world of Spring-Bolds, is this year’s “statement trend” I’ve named, “The Double Bold.”  It’s a brave new step outside the lines of the “beauty-boundaries,” that says you can never mix a bright eye with a bright lip.  Theses new colors are so high-end and sophisticated, they are able to “live” together on the same face.  When I look at this dramatic eye makeup, mixed with a dark, filled-in brow and topped with a high-gloss cherry red lip, I almost want to fall over with excitement.  Never have we seen this style without the typical “tranny” response following right behind.  This really is a significant “beauty” moment – that speaks to the quality of makeup and where the industry is headed.  Now go forth my little Peacocks and “shake you eye feathers.”