“Video Killed the Magazine Star” Querelle Jansen in Exit

Clear the Static for this homage to vintage sci-fi, with a layout that will have you singing, “Video Killed the Magazine Star.”  Rocking designs by Pringle’s of Scotland, Mel Bles captures Querelle Jansen looking all kinds of cool.  I’m up for something new this Spring, and this editorial has completely captured the spirit of that fashion-fantasy.  Seeking something beyond outfits & pieces, I’m wanting to experience a vibe that’s as much about a feeling as a reflection.  When I look at these images I am inspired.  Finding that which inspired me gets me halfway to what I can articulate & accomplish.  For me Spring 2012 is all about the Eloquence of a Moment.  When I’m moved, I long to move others – and so it goes.  And “Sensoria” in the current issue of Exit Magazine seriously moves me.