Georgia May Jagger in Spring’s “Fashion-Armor” Harper’s Bazaar

Gorgeous-Georgia…Spring has never looked so inviting with all that glitters being the “Gilded Youth” of Georgia May Jagger, caught by Alexi Lubomirski for the March Issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK.  In designs by Herve’ Leger, Givenchy and Salvatore Ferragamo, this season’s metallics are featured in this stunning layout, that brings into focus the form-fitting mastery of this trend.  Laying against a bed of rocks, the fine details of the metallic designs take on a cinematic feel under the blaring gaze of the high-noon sun.  With features that hark-back to another time, this style is all about empowerment & confidence.  Wearing this look is an announcement of Personal-Power, the woman who’s brave enough to don this “fashion-armor” is a woman not to be messed with.  However, if like most of us, you haven’t quite hit you’re updated “Zena Warrior Princess” phase, then it’s best to “order” light of this particular “fashion-menu.”  While this bold look isn’t for everyone, there’s no reason we should miss out on a great “trend opportunity.”  Find ways of introducing metallic-items into your wardrobe, one small piece at a time.  Start with a small tank-top, it can be worn alone, or toned down under a jacket or blazer.  Another way to Ride the Metallic Wave (without drowning), would be to take advantage of all the fab-accessories that fall into this category.  My fave being the “Metal-Choker,” nothing is cooler this Spring, and it will take any outfit to next-level-chic.  But right behind the choker is a plethora of cool metallic accessory options including, rings/cuffs/hair-jewels/scarfs/tights/shoes/booties/belts ect..  There’s a shiny world-of-cool out there, just remember, Less if More & More is Fabulous.  Images via FGR.