Alexandra Tomlinson is one Sexy “Style-Hybrid” Marie Claire Italia

Jacques Olivar engages in some sexy storm-chasing as he attempts to pit the epic force of Alexandra Tomlinson’s beauty against the raw power of a natural disaster, for the April issue of Marie Claire Italia. Alexandra is a modern day version of Sophia Loren, with the smoldering sensuality of a 60’s Italian film star, and the updated vision of such designers as Moschino, Versace, Dior and Ferragamo – behold the future “sex-bomb.”  Bringing my fashion-prophecy of “style-hybrids” to life, this reinvention takes the best of multiple eras, genres of style and historical fashion reference points, in an effort to create something new and innovative .  Again we come back to my theme of “cross-dressing” which asks us to throw out the “rule-book” and go on pure instinct.  By re-imagining this 60’s-inspired high-glam hair/beauty concept, we get a fashion-forward look that is all together edgy, with a dangerous new “eye-wing,” and a beyond modern bouffant-bump.  Then add to this an eclectic blend of Spring’s coolest trends, and we have a new world “Glam-Goddess,” that can rock everything from cocktail to biker.  So if you haven’t starting creating your own “style-hybrids” it’s time to start mixing/matching – nothing’s off limits, except that which you can’t imagine.  Images via FGR.