Candice Swanepoel Goes Style-Wild in “Be Bold” by Mario Sorrenti

Mario Sorrenti takes us on a Fashion-Safari in the March issue of Vogue Italia.  In exotic looks from Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander Wang and more, Candice Swanepoel goes wild with this season’s coolest new trend I’m calling, “Cross-Printing.”  Mixing bold color patterns, with wicked stripes or animal prints may sound crazy, but with the right attitude it can be amazing.  This is all about rebellion, empowering yourself to take a risk, and letting your eye tell you what looks hot – not your head.  This isn’t an intellectual exercise, your mind will tell you that there is no way you can pair certain items together, but your instinct will tell you something different.  This trend is not for the novice, it’s for the style-sophisticate that can discern between fashion-forward and a fashion-disaster.  So call forth your inner “Cavalli-Girl” and do a total “Candace-Copy,” ’cause this girl is looking beyond hot, and has hit a serious fashion home-run with these looks.